The First Step to a Different and Healthier Life

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Weight tends to pop up a lot in our conversations. And there’s good reason for it too. We often assume that we’re the only people who really struggle with our weight. But, it’s far more common than most people realize.

Part of the confusion comes from the way weight is generally discussed in our culture. The media tends to frame the problem around obesity. Magazines, newspapers and TV news programs all talk about the obesity epidemic. And it’s true that this is a problem. But it’s generally phrased this way because people struggling with obesity are the minority of viewership or readership. They know that they’re not offending much of their market by specifically discussing the extreme end of the weight problem.

But in fact, the science shows definitively that health related weight issues simply scale with the amount of excess fat. An overweight person has similar health issues and risks as an obese person. And there’s even a third medical designation regarding excess fat. The term overfat refers to anyone with enough excess fat to pose a medical problem.

This catches people who slip by the overweight designation due to a very low amount of muscle mass that partially hides their excess body fat. It’s very clear why this subject gets so little discussion though. The percentage of people in the US ranked as in the overfat range is estimated at around 91% of the population. People seldom want to consider those numbers. It can make them feel like there’s just nothing to be done about their weight. If everyone’s struggling than what chance do any of us really have?

Anyone who’s taken a course in weight loss to completion can answer that. The happier reality is that anyone can get back into a healthy weight. It’s not so much that it’s hard to reach and stay at a healthy weight. It’s more that our culture tends to promote some very misguided ideas about fitness and diet.

Classes usually push us past the most common fears. One of the biggest is that we’ll need to be miserable in order to lose weight. We all tend to picture someone with a miserable expression and a bowl of salad when weight loss comes up. But this is a somewhat old-fashioned take on the idea. We know that people tend to rebound if they’re forced into misery when losing weight.

Modern weight loss education is more focused on helping people find things that make them happy. They don’t starve themselves into losing weight because they’d have the same habits on the other end of that weight loss. They’d just be starving themselves until they could choose to eat whatever they wanted again. And they’d eat the same things which put on the weight in the first place.

A class focuses on helping people find delicious foods that they enjoy. But these foods are satiating and healthy. Foods that one can eat for a lifetime while being both healthy and fit. The specifics usually continue along this idea. But as with any successful and maintainable weight loss, they usually focus on creating a new and healthier lifestyle that one can enjoy long term.