What are the common causes and best treatment of obesity with juicing

Treatment of obesity with juicing
Treatment of obesity with juicing

Obesity is the common term for bulky body. It is very common today. Everyone is worrying about weight gain. When a person eats and body uses the calories to activate your body. Human body needs calories to pump your heart and to maintain the other functions. If those calories are not in use then body starts storing these fats. This causes weight gain. It is a harmful situation for the body because it can cause many other health issues. The patient suffers from high-blood pressure. Losing the weight is the most effective treatment that will help you to decrease the blood pressure. Weight reduction can likewise make your pulse solution more viable. Getting more fit can be especially powerful if your weight is outside of a sound extent, as per the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Take Regular measurement of BMI (Body Mass Index)

How will you know about your weight? It is very important to know the true Body Mass Index for losing the weight. The proper measurement of the waist line will be another important factor. These two measurements will help you to guide you about the increasing risk of high blood pressure so beware of the fact of BMI and waistline measurements. Waist estimation can show hazard for creating hypertension. A solid waist estimation is under 40 inches for men, and under 35 inches for ladies. Weight should be according to the age and height.

Causes of getting over weight

causes of getting over weight
causes of getting over weight

There are several and different causes of weight gain. The lazy or unhealthy lifestyle is the prime cause of obesity. Today, people love to eat junk food, fast food and carbonated drinks. These items are highly harmful for health. Sleeping at late night and getting up late in the morning is the major reason of obesity. This is unhealthy way of living. Taking no exercise stores fat in the body. This factor slows down the metabolism.

Treatments getting rid of over weight

Drink plenty of water. Doing exercise is the best way to reduce weight. In a normal person the estimated water need is 2 liter in a day. Aerobics is not about the appearance of the body. This physical activity is about fitness. It contains several health benefits for mental and physical health. The aerobic exercise and weight training are great for everyone. It needs consistency and regularity for a long time. By decreasing the risk of the coronary heart diseases, this is the best way to keep your body fit and healthy.

Best Juice recipe for Obesity?

  • Two Green apples medium
  • Three stalks celery without leaves
  • One cucumber
  • kales 8 leaves
  • half peeled lemon
  • 1 piece ginger

Mix all the ingredients in the best masticating juicer and make delicious juice to help you get rid of overweight.

best masticating juicer
best masticating juicer

The choice of best juicer machine is equally important. A juicer machine which can get you maximum nutrients and fibers from the ingredients of this juice will be the best juicer machine. Masticating juicers spin at very low rounds per minutes, about 80RPM. This quality of masticating juicer machine help you get a juice without foam and less heat produce in the juice. Such a juice can be stored for up to 72hr and help you save your time of juicing every time you consume the juice.

This juicing recipe is the best detoxifier that flushes out all the toxins from the body. It initiates the digestion system of your body which offers instant weight loss solutions for the users. You can lose 12 to 23 pounds in 21 days if you take the juice recipe regularly. You should learn how to deal with your body metabolism as per your body type.